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In the early 1900s, Kyuquot was home to 2 fish canneries, a whaling station and hundreds of settlers living along the inlets. Today we have a population of around 200 people (although the numbers do go up in the summer months). 95% of the residents are of native descent.

Kyuquot has a school that goes to grade 12 with approximately 60 kids and 5 teachers. Our village has a hotel, a hostel (both with Wi-Fi), as well as several B&Bs that are open all year round.

Kyuquot Sound is also home to a growing sea otter population. There are over 2,500 sea otters in Kyuquot. These transplants from Alaska remain a popular tourist attraction in the area. We have a raft of about 200 otters just a 5-minute boat ride away.

The Purple Palace is a hostel in Kyuquot.

Whaling station in Catchalot in 1925 to 1928; the beach is littered with whale bones.

Acous totem pole.

Hiking in spring and fall on Brooks Peninsula.

Stop by a local restaurant to get something to eat. Please visit

A cabin on Thornton Island – the island of many birds.

Hiking or surfing the Brooks Peninsula.

The Spring Island Trail goes right through the island and takes you to the beach.

Spring Island

Part of the Mission Group of Islands and located just south of the Checleset Bay Ecological Reserve, Spring Island is the perfect spot for wilderness kayakers and hikers seeking an authentic West Coast outdoor experience. 

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